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Fixed Outrigger Life Boat Davit - FPR Series

Fixed Outrigger Life Boat Davit FPR

FPR Series

David system

Range KN


FPR 5 Aluminium

5 KN

Gravity lowering

FPR 10

10 KN

Gravity lowering

FPR 20

20 KN

Gravity lowering

FPR 30

30 KN

Gravity lowering

FPR 30 Hydraulic

30 KN

Gravity lowering

Product introduction

The NED-DECK MARINE fixed outrigger davits have been designed for  long time operation under adverse and extreme circumstances in a highly  corrosive marine environment.

The FPR outrigger davit is a freestanding deck mounted davit consisting of a fixed davit arm with built-on winch.
The system is suitable for safe and efficient launching and recovery of a fully manned rescue boat with relevant equipment.

Launching of the fully manned rescue boat from its stowed position to the water level is realised by means of gravity.
The launching procedure can be controlled in two ways, either by means of a remote control wire from within the rescue boat or by lifting the  brake handle of the winch directly.
Recovery of the fully equipped rescue boat inclusive launching crew is realised by means of the electric driven winch.
In case of a power failure or malfunctioning of the electric system,  hoisting can also be done manually by using the crank handle of the  winch.

In order to reduce maintenance to a minimum, all shafts and pins are  made of stainless steel and provided with self-lubricated bushings.

The FPR series meets the latest IMO/SOLAS requirements and LSA Code,  the European Council Directive 96/98 EC on Marine Equipment (M.E.D.) as  well as the specific offshore requirements.

Technical description

Davit frame
The davit frame consists of a davit arm built-up from hollow sections  and is provided with all necessary wire rope sheaves and provisions for  fastening of relevant accessories such as winch boat support, lashing  wire and maintenance sling.
Normally the davit arm is to be welded to the superstructure of the  offshore platform but upon request it can also be delivered with a  flange (optional)

Each davit will be supplied with a built-on electric driven winch.  This winch is a standard item and consists of the following main  components;
- Closed gear casing;
- Built-on electric motor;
- Winch drum;
- Remote control drum;
- Speed reducer gear (conventional gear train);
- Centrifugal brake unit for gravity lowering;
- Stop brake of the “dead-man” type;
- Manual cranking gear with safety device;
- Hand wheel for paying-out of wire rope.

Each davit system will be supplied with the following accessories:

Electric controls
- Motor starter for mounting near the railing and provided with main switch, push button and “power on” indicator;
- Limit switches

Suspension parts
- Galvanised steel wire rope of sufficient length for lowering the boat into the water;
- All necessary links and shackles.
- Foul weather and recovery pendant.

Remote control parts
- Stainless steel remote control wire of sufficient length;
- Pull cord for operating from within the lifeboat;
- Remote control sheaves and blocks;
- Loose items such as wire rope clamps and shackles;

Remainder loose items
- Boat stops;

Unless agreed otherwise, all steelwork will be shot blasted to SA 2,5  and coated with one layer of 2-component epoxy primer of brand SIGMA.  Dry film thickness 60-80 microns.
This conservation is not suitable for outdoor storage for a long period of time.

 Optional accessories
The following accessories are to be seen as non-standard but can be supplied optionally:
- Maintenance slings;
- Hydro-pneumatic shock absorber.

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